Real Estate Agents and Sales Representatives from the Royal LePage Wheat Country Kindersley were presented with some hardware earlier this week, as Royal LePage Canada recognized the hard work accomplished by the Sales Representatives and staff with some awards being handed out. 

Broker/Owner of Royal LePage Wheat Country Kindersley William Larocque explains. 

“The awards are presented by Royal LePage Canada wide, looking at different categories and the Ladies won awards on sales volume and listings.” 

Mr. Larocque also pointed out the other members of the team who were unable to come in and be part of the photo. Both Arlene Boisjoli and Pat Kloster were honoured as well for their hard work. 

Also, not part of the photograph was Office Administrator Janet Harris, who Larocque said is vital to their operation. 

“She looks after everything. And makes sure the ladies have everything they need to work with and communications, office work, legal and everything like that. So, she is vital to our operation.” 

When asked about how the real estate business has been, Larocque said things have been fairly busy.

“It's been steady, even like we thought when COVID came along that it would slow down. Actually, it picked up pace and it's been steady all the way along. I believe Kindersley right now’s got about 91 listings of residential properties. That's a little higher than normal. Properties are selling, prices are holding up pretty good. There's some prices have to go down a little bit once in a while, but normally the prices are holding good.” 

Larocque hopes for a busy fall, as he hopes the higher oil prices will cause the oil patch to pick up in the area. 

“We’re looking forward to a good fall. Like I said, we've got some buyers, and we’re hoping that the oil patch picks up with the price of oil. Then we get more people moving in because that would help, if we get some new families and whatnot. Because there's been a lot of people moving around in town I mean like where you're moving up from a $250,000 house to a $350,000 house. It's been a lot of that and then a reasonable amount of people coming into town, but we need more.”