Eatonia's Ryder Bredy defended his provincial boxing title and unanimously won Saskatchewan Provincials in his weight category for Sandhills Boxing Club recently. 

Ryder talked about how he began boxing a couple of years ago and said things got off to an interesting start. 

“Coach Ken (Blohm) motivated me and encouraged me to take on my first fun box. Three months later after my first fight in Medicine Hat, I puked everywhere.” 

Ryder then talked about the work and dedication put in to get where he is today.  

“Usually, boxing isn’t just about the six minutes in that ring, but all the work, countless hours of training, driving and work before it. So, I'd like to thank my coaches and community support and I guess that's the best feeling after you finish your match.” 

Ryder is just getting started boxing, as he is just 12 years old and a two-time provincial boxing champion. Congratulations!