With the Victoria Day long weekend here, the Saskatchewan All-Terrain Vehicle Association (SATVA) wants to remind everyone to ride safe and ride smart his weekend and all summer long. 

“We know lots of people will be out riding on the May long weekend, which makes safety even more important,” said SATVA General Manager John Meed. “Keeping these precautions in mind will allow everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time.” 

A few tips SATVA wants people to remember are: 

  • Never drive while impaired. Like any other vehicle, it is illegal to operate ATVs while under the influence. Alcohol and drugs impair judgement, reduce reaction time, and significantly increase the risk of an accident. Riding while impaired can result in a DUI charge, whether you are on public or private property.  
  • Make sure you have properly fitting equipment when riding. This includes a helmet, eye protection, gloves, ankle boots, a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants. Make sure you plan ahead, know your abilities, and never ride anywhere that looks dangerous or makes you uneasy.  
  • Before heading out, make sure to create a safety plan. Let somebody know where you’re going, designate someone as your emergency contact and carry a first aid kit and cell phone.  
  • Do not attempt extreme maneuvers, always follow the speed limit, and do not ride on roads or streets, unless to cross quickly.  
  • Please keep in mind that riders without a driver’s licence, including those 12-15, must complete an approved safety course or be supervised by someone who has had their driver’s licence for at least a year to legally operate an ATV.  

"Please keep these important safety measures in mind this weekend – and all summer -- while you are out enjoying everything Saskatchewan has to offer. Just remember…Ride Safe, Ride Smart," says SATVA in a release.