Allison Klein with the Saskatchewan Health Authority recently sent out a special thank you/recruitment to all of their eager Saskatchewan Health Authority Volunteers:

Message approved by SHA Communications

Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you so much for generously donating your time and talent to volunteer across the Saskatchewan Health Authority. The hours that you contribute are invaluable and we appreciate your kindness and presence during the difficult times throughout the pandemic and all the years prior.

We have many values that include compassion, respect, collaboration and these values our shown in the eyes of the volunteers every day in the contributions you have made to our health care and will make in the future. We are beyond grateful for you. Volunteer work is generous, kind and selfless. We rely heavily on the giving nature of volunteers to make our programs run smoothly and efficiently.

The efforts our volunteers have put into our Programs has contributed to our goal of maintaining independence for clients in their homes and our residents and patients well-being. We are in the process of resuming volunteer services within the Saskatchewan Health Authority in our Long Term Care Homes, Acute Care and our Communities.

If you are interested in becoming a Saskatchewan Health Authority Volunteer, please contact your Local Coordinator:

  • Allison Klein – Eatonia, Eston, Kerrobert & Kindersley – 306-463-1000 ext.2504
  • Kathie Delowsky – Biggar, Elrose & Rosetown – 882-2672 ext. 2206
  • Leah Argue – Beechy, Kyle & Lucky Lake – 306-375-7342
  • Leah Larson – Dinsmore & Outlook – 306-867-5053
  • Noreen Wangler – Macklin, Unity & Wilkie – 306-228-2666 - ext.2951