A Saskatchewan organization is looking to make sure people know all the latest rules and regulations with a refresher safety course.

The Saskatchewan Safety Council is putting on free driving safety courses across the province this October, aimed at those 55 and older.

They'll be looking to refresh people's memories of driving safely, with New Media Specialist Rory McCusker explaining the course.

"Refresher is a good word for this course. It's not a type of thing where there are examinations or your license is reviewed or anything like that. This is just a positive open class environment where participants are reminded of the rules of the road. We go over some insight into how to adapt your driving habits based on the physical changes the body goes through as it matures and how that applies to older drivers.” 

That's especially important for many people who last stepped into a course while getting their learner's license, potentially decades ago.

"For a lot of us, the only driving instruction we've ever had was in driver education. I mean, I'm 30 years old and I can barely remember my 15-year-old driver's ed class. That and there are lots of changes that happen to traffic regulations and laws, especially over decades where some people when they're 55 or older," said McCusker, "It may have been 40 years since they last took a driving course, so it's really just a fun reminder about the rules of the road and how our driving habits need to adapt to our body's aging process.” 

They will also give reminders on road signs, construction, and how those have changed over the decade.

They'll be going to a few different locations around the province, as follows:

  • October 13 - Regina 9 AM
  • October 16 - Moose Jaw 10 AM
  • October 17 - Swift Current 9 AM and Yorkton 10 AM
  • October 18 - Kindersley 9 AM and Moosomin 9 AM
  • October 19 - Maple Creek 9 AM
  • October 24 - Weyburn 9 AM
  • October 25 - Oxbow 9 AM
  • October 26 - Estevan 9 AM and Regina 9 AM
  • October 30 - Lumsden 9 AM
  • November 15 - Regina 9 AM 

McCusker asks that people head to sasksafety.org to find more info on the program, including pre-registration for those events.