Saskatchewan’s Youth Council looks forward to the coming months in 2020 as they work to develop their goals and action steps.

In the council’s inaugural year, the twelve Grade 12 students have already covered a lot of ground and have had their voices heard, not only in meetings with the Ministry of Education, but also at the Saskatchewan School Boards Association’s Fall General Assembly.

Throughout the first few months, council members identified the key areas they believe are the most important and that have the largest impact on students’ education and well being.

Health and culture, teacher availability and student safety top the council’s list and Youth Council member, Julie Patton, a Grade 12 student out of Luseland, shared that they will continue to raise awareness regarding these topics in 2020.

“We ended the year feeling good about what we have identified and the information we brought to the table. It’s interesting to see that whether the schools are big or small, students are facing a lot of the same issues. In 2020, we will be meeting once again and really figuring out an action plan, one that the new council can continue on with.”

Patton stated she didn’t want this years work to be lost on the new council and that their action steps will be, in some cases, only the first steps to solving some of the issues students face today.

“We aren’t going to get it all done in one year, and we are the first kids to take on this role, so we really just want to do our best to lay the groundwork for those who come after us and give them a solid foundation to keep going and hopefully continue on with some of the issues we have identified this past year.”

Patton said they are focused also on goals they will be able to achieve in this term.

“We aren’t looking to change the curriculum this year, that will be something, obviously, that will come in time, but we hope to shed light on some of the topics, including culture, that we believe should influence the curriculum. Right now though, we are looking at what we can achieve and put into action as long lasting solutions for some of the other issues we have identified.”

The Saskatchewan Youth Council will be setting their first meeting of 2020 to address the aforementioned action plan as soon as they can, said Patton.