Taking a look at the first full Rosetown RCMP report of 2023, things started off with a request to serve a subpoena on behalf of another organization. Then there was a request for a wellbeing check in Elrose. Members spoke to the subject of complaint. 

There was then a report of disturbing the peace at a local business. Members attended but the subject of complaint was no longer at the business. Members patrolled the area but unable to locate the individual.

There was also another request for a wellbeing check in Rosetown this time. Members spoke to the subject of complaint and nothing further was required. There was then a report of a vehicle collision with a deer on Highway 15. There were no injuries - reported for insurance purposes.

 A suspicious person was noted at a residence in Rosetown. The matter is still under investigation. Things then shifted to a report of harassing communications in Sovereign. There was insufficient evidence to proceed.

Then a report of house fire in Wiseton was noted. The matter is still under investigation. Then RCMP received a report of lottery fraud in Rosetown. There was insufficient evidence to proceed. 

And a report of a break and enter to a residence of Rosetown was also noted. Members spoke to the complainant and the complainant declined to proceed.

There have been numerous reports of scam phone calls. The nature of the calls includes individuals telling people that they have won the Stars Lottery, Publishers Clearing House or they have an outstanding account with Amazon. Scammers are requesting people to purchase iTunes, Google Play or VISA cards or to give the numbers on the back of the cards or are requesting people to send money for a percentage of the lottery win. Police are reminding people to NOT give any personal information to unknown individuals and if, in doubt, always call the RCMP before agreeing to any callers' requests.

There were also 14 Traffic related charges issued, one 911 mis-dial call and one false alarm call during the week. Police are asking anyone with information about these or any other crime(s) to please contact the Rosetown RCMP at 306-882-5700, Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submit a tip online at www.saskcrimestoppers.com.