Spring has sprung and winter is well within the rearview. Some people though are still dealing with seasonal depression. Luckily, we have Jaqueline Hoffman CEO of Prairie Sky Recovery to give us some tips and tricks to help, 

“I have found that with seasonal depression, you know, oftentimes the here in Saskatchewan, it's really dark and it can be very difficult for people to spend their entire winter in the in the dark.  

So one of the things that we find that help the people here is actually setting an alarm for a specific time of day.  

So if you're setting your alarm, and it's still dark out when you set your alarm, then making sure that you're moving into a bright area of your house first off.  

Or if you can, if it's possible to get outside and spend a couple of minutes in the sunshine every day. 

 And even though it might be a little bit dark and gloomy that that sunlight is still there and it's really, really important that even on a rainy day you get outside and you get some vitamin D.  

I think that also movement, even though it might be a little bit mucky and rainy, getting outside and going for a walk. 

It will is a significant mood improver and so you know for people who are just coming out of that kind of that darkness and that period of seasonal depression and moving into springtime. 

movement natural sunshine and as much as humanly possible, spending some time with loved ones is always big help in that realm.“ 

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