Harris band Seven Mile Sun continued its steady winter with a special show at Buds on Broadway in Saskatoon last week. Lead guitarist with the band Kevin Stevens, was really happy with the reception they received. 

“It was awesome, we felt right at home at Buds (on Broadway) again as soon as we came in the door. The staff acted like we were family as they always did and we got set up on the stage and honestly it felt like we were there the night before so it was awesome. The crowd was just exceptionally good. It was one of the biggest crowds we've ever had in that bar. And people stayed right till the end. We had a huge crowd even at 2:00 AM when things winded down.” 

The local band will continue its steady winter, as they will going to do their first out of province show next month. 

“Next up we have the shows in Banff, on February 21 and 22 so, it'll be cool. Our first out of province show that we've ever played so we're going to go do two nights out there,” Stevens said. 

Then the band will head to Martensville for a special cabaret.  

“We will be in Martinsville at special cabaret for the “Party on the Pond” Hockey tournament that we're playing. We played it last year and it was a ton of fun, so we're looking forward to that,” Stevens added. 

As for shows in the west central region, Stevens said there is one in the works coming up.  

“We actually have another local show in the works, but we’re not ready to announce it yet so, stay tuned for that one.” 

As for new music, the band has some new ones ready to premiere, either on stage, or in a new album. 

“We're sitting on a couple of songs right now that we're just about ready to release, but we're also sitting on a ton of new material that we haven't even hit the studio with yet. So, we're deciding whether or not to put out a couple of singles or whether just to hit the studio pretty hard and get a second album out there. So, we're still working on that, and that'll be another thing just to watch,” Stevens added. 

The band knows they would not be successful without the support from their fans, as Stevens personally thanked those who continue to support Seven Mile Sun.  

“I'd just like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everybody who supports our shows and buys our T-shirts and listens to our music. It's almost overwhelming at times, the support we get from our friends and family and strangers who've never met at all these shows and stuff. So, thank you to everybody.” 

West Central Online will continue to keep tabs on the Harris band, as they continue their busy winter season.