The Town of Biggar continues to be proactive to fill the vacant business spaces within their downtown area. Recently, the Town sought out the opinions of the local residents, to get feedback on what businesses they would like to see come to the community.

D’Shae Bussiere, Community Development Officer, has been proactive in reviving the downtown centre.

“We used to have a lot of vacancies but many have been filled and they are now just in the process of getting things organized, doing renovations and anything else that needs to be done before they open, but we do still have a few open spots that we are trying to decide on,” said Bussiere.

At the beginning of May, Bussiere called upon the residents of Biggar to see what they wanted to see within their community.

An online poll provided eight potential business options with additional space for residents to suggest their own ideas. 406 people cast their vote with a clothing store receiving 24 per cent, followed by a fine dining restaurant at 15 per cent.

Other options locals could vote on was a pool hall or arcade, appliance/furniture store, mini golf, taxi service and storage. Other suggestions made by the residents included a bakery, cannabis store and a healthy living store.

A few of the suggestions, such as taxi service and bakery, already exist in the town and Bussiere said she is now working with those companies to help them reach a broader audience and showcase their services.

“I’ve reached out to a couple of the businesses in town that already fit into one of the categories people wanted to see. I don’t want to take away from any of the existing business owners by bringing in another, similar, store, so I’m just working with them to see how they can expand and have more people know about them,” explained Bussiere.

For the vacancies that remain on Main Street, Bussiere said she is now reaching out to potential entrepreneurs and looking for people and businesses who would be a good fit for the town.

“I really feel once they come and visit, they will be compelled to be here just because of the community that we offer,” said Bussiere.

Bussiere shared that from the feedback from the online poll, ideally she would like to have a clothing store that covered all demographics, including items that would appeal to professionals, agriculture and sportswear, however, she added that may be easier said than done.


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