Springtime is always welcome after a bitter winter, but the sometimes slow turnover associated with the change in season can make for quite the situation when it comes to the leftover snow and its resulting melt.

When the warmer temperatures of spring really hit, residents will start to notice water accumulating in streets, back alleys, and ditches:

Town of Kindersley thawing steamingPhoto via Town of Kindersley Facebook page.

One good method to deal with this water build-up sees public works crews steaming catch-basins, main storm drains, and culverts throughout their communities.

"The hot steam melts the ice that is blocking the water from flowing," stated the Town of Kindersley's Facebook page. They shared some of the things residents can do to help the process, "This is one reason that during the winter months we ask property owners not to pile snow in drainage ditches or on top of culvert openings as it causes huge drainage issues during spring thaw."

Catch-basins or culverts can thaw within a few minutes to a few hours. It's important to note that re-freezing will occur during the freeze thaw cycle that happens with changes in temperatures.

People can contact their local administration office with concerns about drainage. This is an issue that people likely need to be patient with. Spring is here, but not quite showing its best, as public works crews will do their best to work quickly and efficiently in their towns.