The Biggar Museum & Gallery dug into their archives for St. Patrick's Day.  While they didn't find a little green man, they did get to explore some of the Town's history in connection to the historical island in Europe.

Every month the Town of Biggar celebrates a different country by flying its flag at the Town Office. March unsurprisingly went to the Irish, and the local museum helped take things one step further by looking into Biggar's connection to Ireland.

"I went into our archives, and I found out if there had been any Irishmen that came to Biggar, and their influence on our town," said Public Relations Coordinator Delta Fay Cruickshank, who shared the findings through the Museum's Facebook page.

It was discovered that the first general store in Biggar had an Irish connection. One of the owners Mr. Black was from Ireland, someone who was also the first chemist in town, and Black also held the first postmaster position as well. It's noted that store in town was built adjacent to the Biggar Hotel, also beside a separate trading store run by Mr. Fitzgerald who also hailed from Ireland! 

As many of us do, Cruickshank went down a rabbit hole learning about Irish history in the midst of crafting her story. She is someone who loves to learn new things, and recognizes better than most how connected people around the world really are.

"It leads to us understanding that globally we are all connected. It doesn't matter your race, your sex, or anything like that; we are all one together on this earth."

Cruickshank commended the Town of Biggar's efforts to show off diversity over the years. As already mentioned this month is celebrating the Irish, last month celebrated the Metis; and as Cruickshank proved there is always an opportunity to tie that history into the current community.

"Here’s to the men and women who came and built their lives and became a part of the backbone of the history of Biggar," Cruickshank included online.

Find the Biggar Museum & Gallery's complete post from March 17th's wee-little-holiday below: