The Canadian Football League's draft took place earlier this week. 74 players had their names called by CFL franchises Tuesday night, with only a few weeks left before on-field preparations begin for the 2024 season.

A few interesting names stuck out on the list. Not because of their talent, which surely is great, but quite literally because of their names.

We found five of the most fun names selected this year, as without further Ajou, the Roughriders start the list off at #1.

#1 - Ajou Ajou

The Roughriders didn't hold the gravy with this pick. An easy choice for number one, the seventh round saw the Roughriders double dipping into the wide receiver category to pick a player with a name so nice it's written twice. At 6'2, weighing in at 211 lbs, the South Florida receiver will look to bring some serious beef (and juice) to the Roughriders receiving core. 

#2 - Richard Aduboffour

What can I Aduboffour? Oh, just a lanky 6'3, 212 lbs defensive back coming out of Western. Also drafted by the Roughriders, those measurables could be all it takes for the young player to get an opportunity in the pass heavy league that is the CFL.

#3 - Matt Hayball

The Ottawa Redblacks used the second overall pick in the CFL Global Draft to select an Australian punter with a special weapon. Like a pitcher with a signature pitch, prairie punt-returners will certainly want to watch out for any "Hay Ball's" coming off the leg of the former Vanderbilt Commodores punter.

#4 - Lucky Ogbevoendb 

While he's not the "OG" Lucky on a CFL roster this training camp, Ogbevoendb has to be one of the only CFL players to ever come out of Austria. Also selected in the CFL Global Draft, 17th overall by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Lucky likely earned a few interceptions during his time in the European League of Football.

#5 Patrick Lavoie

Last on the list, hulking offensive lineman Patrick Lavoie out of Carleton was picked in the seventh round by the Edmonton Elks. CFL die-hards like myself might recognize the name Patrick Lavoie, a past Grey Cup champion, and former Roughrider. A current free-agent, perhaps the pre-existing Lavoie fired up the time machine to reinvent himself as a young 6'4 monster, if he wasn't already scary enough as a 6'2, 240 lbs fullback.