Saskatchewan RCMP Media is reminding people to stay on top of their license and registration, should an officer speak those fateful words at a traffic stop.

A large amount of people haven't been keeping on top of their vehicles paperwork. Since the beginning of 2023, Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) has issued 6200 charges and 2006 warnings to drivers in Saskatchewan regarding driver’s license or vehicle registration violations.

The brunt of them are for an invalid registration, and you can view the whole list below:

  • 3755 charges and 1631 warnings for having an invalid vehicle registration;
  • 491 charges and 147 warnings for having an invalid trailer registration;
  • 650 charges for driving while disqualified, suspended, refused by SGI, or prohibited;
  • 929 charges and 135 warnings for driving with an invalid license;
  • 197 charges and 18 warnings issued to learner drivers unaccompanied by a qualified person;
  • and 178 charges and 75 warnings for failing to comply with license endorsement restrictions.

Saskatchewan's roads are not a privilege. The provincial RCMP enforce these regulations to ensure our roads are safe, sharing that if you don’t have a license or valid registration, simply don’t drive. If you do, always abide by any rules and restrictions.

Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan consists of officers from the Saskatchewan RCMP and municipal police agencies.

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