Kindersley Town Council held their latest regular meeting back on April 8.

The biggest news out of the chamber was the Town committing a solid chunk of change to the new Kinder Kollege daycare facility.

"Town Council resolved to commit a total of $350,000.00 for the Kinder Kollege Capital Building Project located at 200 Thomson Drive." read the Council package. It went on to state that the payments will be handed out over a five year period, with $70,000 installments beginning in 2024, and ending in 2028.

The latest council meeting also shared a few announcements for the month of April, and into May.

Mayor Rod Perkins proclaimed April 14 to 20, 2024 as National Volunteer Week, council encouraging residents to thank volunteers around town for their hard work. Council also confirmed that April 29 to May 5, 2024 is Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week. All proceeds from that will be going towards Kinder Kollege as well, councilors partnering with Kinder Kollege volunteers to serve cookies all week long.

Other highlights saw the celebration of the "Kindersley Beach" winning a Rivers West recreation award for "Facility of the Year". More on the award can be expected at WestCentralOnline later on, as the beach enters it's first full season in 2024.

You can read the rest of the Council package from April 8 in Kindersley HERE.