The Town of Kindersley is currently working on a water main replacement in town. Residents have likely noticed temporary water lines being installed in front of a few east-side properties since the start of May, now hooked up and ready for the work to commence. 

The line is currently connecting services down Third Ave, Fourth Ave, and Fifth Ave East, and also Sixth Ave West. Once the work is completed the temporary lines will come out, and house services will be connected to the new main.

"The water main running down all four lanes will then be replaced with the house services reconnected to the new main. A new water main will also be installed down First St. East from Sixth Ave."

via town of kindersley .png Project map courtesy the Town of Kindersley

The overland water connections are running directly in front of properties, connected through nearby fire hydrants. Crews have created walkways for pedestrians and vehicles, though caution is absolutely necessary when passing over.

Not only is the water being affected, but constructions noises and traffic delays are also taking place. Road closures are expected as well.

"Along Second St. East, between Third & Fifth Ave. East, as well as First St. East between Fourth & Sixth Ave. East. Forth & Fifth Ave. East Lanes will be closed while crews are working."

As that work progresses, they will also be maintaining a focus on the homes in the area. The Town states that water services from the curb stops to the watermain will be replaced, and if any outdated lead services are encountered, the homeowner will be notified.

"Any additional water service replacement from the curb stops into the homeowner’s property, will only be evaluated upon homeowner request and all subsequent costs associated with the service line replacement will be the responsibility of the homeowner as directed by the Town of Kindersley."

The plans also share that property owners will notice crews entering yards to inspect outdoor taps & hookups.

"Crews will require access to residential properties and buildings to shut down water supply to mains. Residents will be notfied in advance of all scheduled water shutdowns, but temporary shutdowns may occur without warning."

A Precautionary Water Advisory has been issued with tests also ongoing to check on water safety. For drinking purposes, residents must boil water for at least one minute at a "rolling boil". Other precautions include that anybody driving in the area should look out for road cuts in places there could be uneven pavement.

Beginning on April 29, 2024, the work is expected to take around 22 weeks in total.