The Town of Leader has a plan in place in case of any emergency. They also follow the Great Sandhills Railway policies and procedures when, and if, a train goes off the tracks. CAO Erin Romanuik says that a guideline is in place for any incident.

"As one of our risks we have identified a train derailment with hazardous materials. The community hall is our evacuation center as it has a generator back up power source. Since the hall is actually right beside the train tracks, we may use the school gym as an evacuation center in that particular case. Who would be evecuated at what times is also outlined in the emergency plan."

February 3rd a chemical train collision in East Palestine, Ohio caused the evacuation of 5000 residents. 

Rail lines are busy in the our area and although they don't carry as much hazardous material as other lines, the overall message that she wanted to pass on is that the public is safe. The Town of Leader has their best interests in mind, and every possible situation has been poured over and emergency plans are in place.