Via Sun West School Division

Every year, Sun West schools raise thousands of dollars to support the Terry Fox Run and the Terry Fox Foundation has recently released figures for the schools that raised the most money in Saskatchewan for the Terry Fox Run held in the fall of 2022. In the secondary school category, Eston Composite School raised the eighth most money in the province, while Davidson School was the number one fundraiser!

This year Eston Composite School set $10,000 as its goal for the Terry Fox Run. To encourage the students a number of teachers offered a number of pretty impressive incentives. Four teachers, Miss Johnson, Mrs. James, Miss Holt and Miss Smith volunteered to take a whipped cream pie in the face from any student who raised $200 or more. No one, however, put more or the line than Mrs. Erin Trytten, who was also Terry Fox coordinator for the school. She promised that if the school raised $5,000, she would dye her hair the Eston Mustang official colours of red and black. If that wasn’t enough, she also promised that if the school goal of $10,000 was reached then she would shave her head!

“Terry's message and spirit was present and alive in our school as students reflected on videos of his life, participated in collaborative art pieces and wrote poetry about him,” explained Mrs. Trytten, “the most important thing we achieved was to spread Terry's determination and spark for helping others.” She added.

In the end, Eston Composite School raised $7,402 and so Mrs. Trytten’s hair was spared but with the help of local hairdresser, Katie Austin, who donated the hair dye, it was still coloured in Eston Mustang colours. “We are so proud of our little school in our small town having fundraised in the top ten schools in Saskatchewan,” said Mrs. Trytten, “way to go Mustangs! We cannot wait to see what is in store for next year!”

Meanwhile in Davidson, organizer Meaghan Greene, Ang Fahlman and Stacey Siroski were the fundraising team that worked hard to encourage students to understand their connection to Terry Fox. Top fundraisers among elementary and high school students as well as staff members were recognized with treats and Terry Fox t-shirts. In the end the school surpassed its goal of raising $10,000 and donated $12,380.95 to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. The largest donation from any secondary school in Saskatchewan. “The only problem now,” said Mrs. Greene, “is how do we beat this next year?”