After conducting a comprehensive study and months of consultations regarding operational and safety improvements for Highway 7 through Kindersley, an Ultimate Corridor Plan has been released.

Last fall, the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure held an open house in Kindersley to propose possible options for the corridor and to gain feedback from the public. Several options were provided for comment during the open house, many of which have been added to the Ultimate Corridor Plan.

In the executive summary, it states the Ministry along with Associated Engineering, took into account existing traffic volumes, forecasted highway traffic growth and forecasted Town of Kindersley growth.

The Ultimate Corridor Plan includes the following features:
• Highway lighting along entire corridor
• Converting three of the ten temporary access points to permanent access points and development of a staging plan to ultimately remove the remaining temporary access points
• Widening of all four legs at Ditson Drive intersection
• Concrete median on Ditson Drive north leg to prevent traffic from backing up onto Highway 7
• Removal of traffic signals at Main Street and Highway 21
• Right-in, right-out with left turns in at 2nd Street and Main Street intersections
• Concrete bulb-outs on service roads for truck turning movements
• Roundabout at Highway 21
• Intersection treatments and service road separation at East Grid Road and 15th Street West intersections

The project is estimated to cost $11,230,000 and has taken into consideration traffic in the year 2038.