Streets were packed for the Luseland Harvest Festival on September 9. The community celebration takes place every year and was another tremendous success in 2023.

We caught up with organizing member of the Luseland Harvest Festival Jean Halliday, who is with the Luseland Development Committee.

"Saturday's Harvest Festival was a busy, happy place on Main Street! The street was blocked off, set up like your typical Harvest Festival with booths up and down the entire length of Main Street."

Snacks ranged anywhere from apples to cotton candy and popcorn, and the Harvest Festival theme was never lost for a second inside the downtown core.

"There was all kinds of activities for kids. A play-spot with chickpeas and wheat, and all kinds of equipment the kids could move it around. That was a busy place."

Harvest FestPhoto via Luseland Harvest Festival on Facebook

Halliday also talked about a competition going on outside the museum. The most unique event of the day, 'veggie car races', also certainly followed along with the theme of harvest.

"It was an entertaining experience, with wheels flying off of cucumbers, and zucchini's heading headfirst down the track. It was a great time." said Halliday as over 100 people were there cheering on the vegetable cars as they tore down the track.

The idea is as simple as it sounds.

"You pick a vegetable from the garden and put four wheels on it, decorate it up, and hope it makes it down the track in one piece!"

After the races Halliday shared the veggie cars were lined up for a special show and shine. Not all of the cars were built for speed, as some creative designs ranged anywhere from Cinderella's carriage to Jurassic Park.

In between all of the fun, there are so many opportunities to support local. Halliday shared on some of the vendors on hand over the weekend.

"Local vendors really. The Travel Club had a hot dog stand. The Kids in the Kitchen had a lemonade stand. Then businesses, like the Credit Union had the cotton candy, Theatre had the popcorn at the farmer's market. The local hotel had a soup and sandwich for lunch." said Halliday who also mentioned Symmetree Orchard was set up selling fresh fruit. "All kinds of food up-and-down Main there."

Halliday and the rest of the Development Committee team like to create fun opportunities for the community whenever they can. Community support helps them operate, because these events would be nothing without the local groups that line up to be part of something fun in Luseland.

"Every booth raised funds, and it went to their particular project. Places like the Credit Union would choose a Town project. They chose the Country School Sign project. But the Kids in the Kitchen, their funds at the lemonade stand will just go to their work at the school."

It will be hard to top vegetable races next year at the Luseland Harvest Festival. Maybe the local orchard will throw its product into the mix. 

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