With that last blast of cold weather at our backs, it's hard not to worry that there's something else hiding around the corner. 

Lucky for us Brian Proctor a meteorologist with Environment and climate change Canada was able to speak with West Central Online to help ease some worries. 

“... Further we get into the month of April, the reduction in the chances of seeing more snowfall or more sort of heavy wet rain kind of idea really sort of sticks with.  

So we're definitely seeing that return to more seasonal conditions for the start of the work week. Typically, this time of the year our max, it should be about 13 or 14° and our overnight lows should be somewhere right about the freezing mark. 

So for Monday it's looking a little cloudy at this point in time for much of the day, there's really a pop of showers more than anything else. I don't think it's going to be very widespread.  

And then June really starts to clear up as we move into Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by Tuesday highs of 15 Wednesday highs of 20 overnight lows of three Thursday highs of 19 so it really is setting out to give us a period probably with temperatures about 5° above normal for much of the upcoming work week. “