It was a busy weekend for badminton in the West Central region.

Starting things off with West Central Junior Badminton District Championships, the top two from each category made it to the SHSAA Regional Championships in Regina on May 6th.

Blake LawesDinsmore School's Blake Lawes 

Boys Singles
      1) Blake Lawes (Dinsmore)
      2) Griffin White ( Rosetown)
      3) Noah Park (Biggar)

Girls Singles winnerRosetown's Haley Burton

Girls Singles
      1) Hailey Burton (Rosetown)
      2) Angel Sodhi (LCBI -Outlook)
      3) Jaryn Doell (Biggar)

Girls Doubles WinnersMarissa Winny & Jayla Hunter (Rosetown)

Girls Doubles
      1) Marissa Winny & Jayla Hunter (Rosetown)
      2) Chloe Bartusek & Mya Danychuk (Biggar)
      3) Lily Farden & Kylie Alvaran (Outlook)

Aidan Tran & Kyler Follick (LCBI - Outlook)Aidan Tran & Kyler Follick (LCBI - Outlook)

Boys Doubles
      1) Aidan Tran & Kyler Follick (LCBI - Outlook)
      2) Hudson Mathers & Joel Thoppilan (Eston)
      3) Brayden Marchuk & Hunter Lawes (Dinsmore)

Rayna James & Jacob Weber (Rosetown)Rayna James & Jacob Weber (Rosetown)

Mixed Doubles
      1) Rayna James & Jacob Weber (Rosetown)
      2) Darling McNeely & Alex Gauthier (Dinsmore)
      3) Teagan Prpich & Cade Ringdal (Kenaston)

Moving onto West Central Senior badminton districts. 

Boys Singles saw Loreburn's Dylan Glubis finish first, and Eston's Noel Thoppilan finish second. 

Sr. Boys Singles winnersEston's Noel Thoppilan (left), and Loreburn's Dylan Glubis (right) will be moving onto Regionals in Regina this weekend.

Next up was Girls Singles, and Rosetown's Taya Green finished first, and Elrose's Kendra Giles finished second.

Senior Girls WinnersElrose School's Kendra Giles (left), and RCHS' Taya Green (right) will be moving onto Regionals.

Now moving to Senior Boys Doubles, the team of Landon Fortin and Daxen Wilinski from Elrose finished first, and the team of Austin Burton and Dustin Moore from Rosetown finished second. 

Senior Boy Doubles WinnersRCHS' Austin Burton and Dustin Moore (left), and Elrose School's Landon Fortin and Daxen Wilinski (right), are heading to Regionals. 

Girls doubles saw the team of Hannah Weber and Ceanna Fischer from Rosetown finish first, and Katelyn Fecht and Charish Labadan from Biggar finish second.


Senior Girls Doubles Winners.jpg Biggar School 2000's Katelyn Fecht and Charish Labadan (left), and RCHS' Hannah Weber and Ceanna Fischer (right), are heading to Regina this weekend for Regionals.

And wrapping things up with Senior Mixed Doubles, the team of Samantha Glubis and Shane Losie finished first, and the Rosetown team of Maddy Anderson and Griffin Hayes finished second. 

Senior Mixed Doubles WinnersRCHS' Maddy Anderson and Griffin Hayes (left), and Loreburn School's Shane Losie and Samantha Glubis (right), are moving onto Regionals. 

A big thank you goes out to Eugene Bucko and Lisa Herman as well as Kindersley Composite school for hosting the West Central Athletics Junior Badminton District Championships on Saturday Apr. 29. And another thank you went out to Commissioner Gary Paproski and Rosetown Central High School for hosting the Senior Badminton event the same day.