Newly released data from the Insurance Bur of Canada estimates the cold snap in January costing $180 million for western Canada.

Saskatchewan’s portion of this loss was quite small compared to other provinces according to Catastrophic Indices and Quantifications Inc. This covered commercial and personal property damages, with 70 per cent of all claims being personal property.  

With more extreme weather becoming more and more common, this puts pressure on insurance companies and taxpayers to foot the bill. The $180 million is an initial estimate and brings to light the fears of growing costs on premiums people must pay. 

Specifically, Saskatoon, Swift Current, and Regina businesses were hit according to information obtained from CatIQ. Data concerning Kindersley and area was unavailable.

With Saskatchewan facing a spring melt, SGI has a host of tips to protect your home: 

  • Check the grading in the front and back yards to see if it slopes away from the foundation, allowing melt water to flow away from the home. If you find puddles or standing water, make a plan to correct the grade. 

  • Check around the foundation for any cracks or leaks that need to be filled. Repairing these problems will keep air from leaking out of the home, and prevent water and critters from getting in. 

  • Clean out eavestroughs can be beneficial, as debris can slow the flow of water, and fix any damage. 

  • Check for air leaks and water stains on the roof and in the attic. 

  • Check the basement, regularly for signs of water. If it is present, it may be time to invest in a sump pump. 

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