West-central Saskatchewan should only have a few days left of the wet, gloomy weather that has seemingly been around for weeks. The rainy conditions have continued as the calendar flipped to June, but some more seasonal temperatures are on the way.

The dark skies have resulted in solid moisture for the area. It's been widespread too, with each local Environment Canada weather station totaling at least 50 mm of rainfall for the month.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang shared more on the situation.

"There was a number of systems that went through in May, and they were well organized, sort of what we call 'synoptic weather systems', meaning they cover a big space," said Lang. "When they come through like that they give more general rain. Means more people getting in on the action, as opposed to just spotty showers, or thundershowers."

Everyone has been privy to the extra moisture. Lang wants people to know the type of rain we are receiving is typical for this time of year.

"We had more of those systems, and that's more of what spring is supposed to be like. This weather system coming through now, another one of those general systems that give more rain to everybody, and more like what we are supposed to be getting."

Tuesday's weather should be the end of the road for rain this week. Sunny weather (joined by gusting winds) is expected beginning Wednesday, as Lang gave an outlook for the rest of the week.

"We have to get through this weather system moving through, and it's a big one. It's giving general rains to folks as it moves across. Showers, thundershowers, we are going to get a lot of wind with this thing as well." predicted Lang, pegging Wednesday as particularly windy.

After that is when the sun will begin to shine.

"Once it moves out, we should be starting to get into some warmth. Towards the weekend is actually looking quite warm, big ridge of high pressure starting to build in, and that's kind of the first one we have seen this summer, with this kind of amplitude. Looking for temperatures starting to get into the mid, to high twenties into the weekend. After the rain, I think it will be a good thing."

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