The Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference moved to Regina this year.

The annual event featured several key speakers and topics designed to help increase awareness and productivity for producers in their operations.

The opening keynote presenter was Travis Hickey of Cattlenomics, the company offers Livestock Brokerage and Risk Management services to producers.

Hickey founded the company and has extensive experience on the cattle side and data analysis and trading.  

He worked with Western Feedlots in Alberta, managing their feeder cattle procurement, fed cattle marketing, and cattle risk management, and later moved on to help manage JBS-Five Rivers Cattle Feeding in Texas where he was promoted to work with JB-Swift as a cattle procurement business analyst.

Producers got updates on several key research programs looking at everything from precision forage and manure management to factors affecting the reproductive efficiency of beef cows and the A to Z on Foot and Mouth Disease from vaccine banks to FMD policy and preparation.

The President and General Manager of the Canadian Cattle Association were also on the agenda.

Nathan Phinney and Ryder Lee updated producers on the CCA's activities over the last year including some of the work they've been doing on Parliament Hill.

Lee says there's quite a bit of legislation that they're leaning in on in Ottawa including some that are trade-oriented.

"Bill C-282, we'd love to stop that 'cause you know it's bad trade policy that would limit what negotiators can talk about in the future. And you know, our Canada, US, Mexico agreement is up for review in a couple of years. We want to make sure our negotiators can do all the things that they can do when that time comes."

He notes there's also work to be done around regulations, trade with the U.K., and the cash advance program which is set to drop back down to $100,000 interest-free - they'd like to see it stay at the level it's currently at $350,000.

Saskatchewan's Beef Industry Conference wrapped up on Wednesday.