Coming up this Friday, the Women's Worthshop, which is being put on by Better Together Kindersley, is being held at the Senior's Centre in Kindersley. Marge Bailey with Better Together Kindersley explains what the Worthshop is all about.   

“The goal of the Worthshop is to uplift, equip and empower women to thrive mentally and emotionally in the midst of challenges and adversities facing them in their daily lives through awareness, education and interactive learning.” 

Everyone is welcome to the Worthshop, and Bailey added there is no extra pressure to share your experiences if you choose not to. 

“You do not have to participate if you're uncomfortable. It is not anything that puts pressure on anyone.” 

Like any other mental health initiative, you can just come to the Worthshop and listen if you choose to.  

The keynote speaker will be Shelley Christian, who is a registered Suicide Prevention Trainer with over 5 years experience.  

This is the second time Christian has come to Kindersley to do a “Worthshop,” as she was here back in December. Bailey talks about the previous visit. 

“We had, I'd say, about 30 people, not a great big crowd, but a very attentive crowd and people from different areas too, not just people I know, there were people I had to introduce myself to. A lot of different people I talked to. And that's what we want.” 

The Worthshop will be held Friday night at 7:30 from the Senior’s Centre in Kindersley, which is located 115 3rd Avenue West.  

Expect a full follow up with Better Together Kindersley and Marge Bailey about the Women’s Worthshop, next week.