The Rosetown & District Arts Council held its 2023 Art and Photography Show over the weekend. President of the Rosetown Photography Club Stan Hingston, gave a background on the show held at the Rosetown United Church. 

“It's co-sponsored by the Rosetown Arts Council and their Rosetown photography club. We've been doing it every year for decades, although we missed 2020 and 2021.” 

The number of entries was down a little bit from recent years, but Hingston said there was still enough to put on a good show. 

“We had 30 photographs from nine different photographers. There were 60 pieces of adult art from 16 different artists and 50 pieces of student art by 29 different students, mostly from Rosetown or nearby colony schools.” 

High school artworkSome photos of the student art and photography on display. Photo via Stan Hingston. 

Hingston, who is also Treasurer of the Rosetown & District Arts Council, then went into detail about the kinds of art & photography that was on display. 

“In photography, there were people's landscape, nature, wildlife. Open, which is any subject, monochrome, computer manipulated and youth photography.  

And in adult art, there's acrylic or oils for landscape, nature, any subject watercolors are another one. And mixed media portraiture, which is when we put all media together in one in one category, whether it's oils, watercolors or pencil.” 

There was one thing a little different from year’s past in this installment of the Art and Photography Show. 

“This year we had something different. We had a section for acrylic pores. There was an instructor last fall who taught our classes. We hold our classes every fall for 6 to 8 weeks (about 2 months), and our instructor, Janet Akre from Outlook, does what's called pour painting. You can find all kinds of (her) videos on YouTube, but essentially you fill a glass tumbler with different colors of thinned acrylic paint, and you literally just pour it on your canvas. Then you pick the canvas up, tilt it in different directions to get the corners covered, and you have an instant abstract piece of art,” Hingston added. 

Another hit at the Art Show was the People’s Choice Awards. Hingston elaborated on the concept. 

“When people come in, we hand them a ballot and they get to choose their favorite pieces and those are tallied midafternoon on Sunday and special ribbons are awarded to the People's Choice winners, which is often different from the adjudicator's choices. We have a qualified art instructor that comes and does the adjudicating and picks out the 1st and 2nd merit in each different category.” 

Don’t fret if you didn’t get a chance to view the People’s Choice Awards winners, as they are on display at the Prairie Centre Credit Union in Rosetown until the end of June. 

As mentioned earlier there are art classes held every fall.  

“We get different instructors to come each year, and they're usually held in the fall, starting early September and running through to the end of November, one evening a week. There will be some posters and announcements for the fall courses around the community very soon, or you can contact me at 306-882-2220 for more information.” 

And finally, Hingston wanted to thank all who made the Art & Photography show possible.  

“I'd like to send out a big thank you to Prairie Centre Credit Union. They not only helped us out financially by sponsoring the art show, but this year they sent five of their employees to come and help set up, which was a big help this year.” 

There is also a 40th anniversary celebration of the Rosetown & District Arts Council going on at the Rosetown United Church on May 16th. There will be a public slide show and much more.