Last week's Biggar RCMP Report detailed some fraudulent behaviour targeting an individuals computer. Now for the second week in a row, scam activity was once again at the forefront of the local detachment's report.

The latest scam attempt had to with Amazon, and police are reminding residents to always be vigilant in these situations.

"Another fraud reported about scammers using the Amazon account scam to convince their victim that their account was compromised and the need to urgently verify their information." shared detachment commander Dereck Crozier. "Just a reminder that Amazon will never call you."

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An abrupt goodbye is the easiest solution according to Crozier, before things get to far.

"Never talk to anyone calling or emailing you, never follow any links or numbers provided to you and always go into your accounts on your own to verify any activity that that a scammer may try to tell you is happening. Don’t feel bad about it, cut them off mid conversation by simply just hanging up."

If you feel like a situation over the phone might be fishy, there is a good chance it is. Take the above tips, and make sure to contact your local RCMP detachment to share any scam activity directly.