The Alex Ositis Foundation will host it’s annual steak night fundraiser this Friday with funds helping purchase equipment for the Rosetown & District Health Centre. 

Since 1984, the charity organization has raised funds in many ways, the steak night being one of them. Director Shelly Robson briefly explains how the foundation came to be and where the funds are directed. 

“The foundation has been formed for many years and was formed by physicians that saw the need to buy hospital equipment and stuff that wasn't funded by government. We buy hospital equipment for the facility, ambulance, long term care, any of those disciplines that are in need.” 

Friday nights event will take place at the Rosetown Civic Centre beginning at 6:30 and includes supper and entertainment. 

Robson commends the continuous community support over the years and also pin points the beneficiary of Friday night. 

“Proceeds for this particular event goes to our endoscopy program. We usually get a really good community response and really appreciate people coming and supporting. I mean, the community, the RM individuals are amazing with their donations because they realize that it keeps our facility alive.” 

Tickets are available at a number of locations in Rosetown: Athletes Haven, PCCU Insurance and Judy Johnson Insurance.