After free counselling services for west-central Saskatchewan were highlighted in specific earlier this week, the Government of Saskatchewan made another announcement on Wednesday regarding mental health for the whole province.

"The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to helping the families and friends of people who have died by suicide." began the government release.

The program was created after a Ministry of Health ROP, and comprehensive process that identified the need for a provincial suicide loss support program, also known as suicide postvention services. 

"The program will support the immediate psychological needs of people affected by the loss of someone who died by suicide or survived with significant injury or trauma. These suicide loss supports are an important prevention effort aimed at reducing the risk of future suicides due to unresolved grief or trauma."

These in-person, virtual, or over-the-phone services will be offered beginning in early 2024. Mental Health and Addictions Minister Tim McLeod called the program an "important step to ensure that friends and families are able to access the necessary supports they need following these crisis situations."

Find more from Family Service Saskatchewan Chair Janine Baumann in the official release here. The group is committed to providing a wide-range of services including referrals, education, and awareness. 

Using record funding for mental health and addiction services, $200,000 was provided from the Ministry of Health towards the development and delivery of the provincial suicide loss support program. Free counselling was also announced for Humboldt earlier this month. 

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