Not only was Mady Adamson of Learning About Ag With Mady presented a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal recently in Regina, as another person with local ties in Carol LaFayette-Boyd was on hand to accept her Medal.

The two locally tied award winners couldn't be more different, especially in age with young Mady no where near the 80 year old LaFayette-Boyd.

But the West Central connection is all that's needed to share another perspective towards the first event of its kind held in Regina. Mady helps run a farm, but LaFayette-Boyd just runs.

An advocate for her heritage, according to the Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum's website LaFayette-Boyd grew up on a farm near McGee, Saskatchewan, but moved to Regina with her family in 1956 at the age of 14. She spoke fondly of McGee, remembering her childhood growing up down on Oskaloosa Road. 

"There's a sign on the road between Fiske and McGee that says Oskaloosa Road. Then you go down that way and that's where, well then you have to go a little bit further, but that's where I was born on a farm 80 some years ago."

She shared a little bit more information on the long retired Oskaloosa School that she attended up until its final day.

"I went to Oskaloosa school, but I was the last student to go there. My brothers and sisters and I, we were attending Oskaloosa, but we were the only five kids there, so they closed it down," LaFayette-Boyd shared. One would think she was likely the best athlete to come out of such a small school, though the record was set straight right away. "I found out that my Aunt Muriel could have gone to the Olympics. But didn't go probably because of money or coaching or something."

oskaloosaSome research couldn't unearth the exact location of the Oskaloosa School, though a land location was revealed (roughly Sec 17-Tsp 30-Rge 17-W of the 3 Meridian)

LaFayette-Boyd just turned 80 in May. Back in Saskatoon on July 14th and 15th during provincials, she went in and made history, breaking a pair of records in the 200 metre race and the triple jump event. Later on her club in Regina hosted the National Masters Track Meet, and more history was made by LaFayette-Boyd as she broke the 200 metre record again, along with tremendous showing in the 100 metre and long jump events. 

"I don't know if you're like me, but when I was your age I didn't know that all people could do track and field. There is a masters program and seniors program. Seniors are 55+, and Masters are 35+."