The month of April came and showed dry weather in the west central region, with a reported amount of just 2.5 millimeters of precipitation around the Kindersley area, making it the driest April since 1937.

Recent years recorded moister April weather, such as 2022, which documented about 11 millimeters of rainfall, and other past years recorded more moisture during April, including 2021, which saw 5.8 millimeters of rainfall. 2020 recorded 15 millimeters, and 2019 recorded 4.0 millimeters.  

This makes the month of April a very dry one for the Kindersley area, as the monthly precipitation average sits at a norm of around 23.5 millimeters. 

Going fourth, the month of May is expected to be dry as the weather forecast unfolds, showing us a pattern of warm dry heat over the next couple of weeks.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Terri Lang explains what is predicted for the west central region in the near future. 

“As of right now, we are not seeing any substantial changes in weather patterns to bring us widespread rain showers. It does look like the heat is going to come back strong next week, so there will not be much relief on the way with respect to precipitation unfortunately.” 

Although May is predicted to bring us dry, warm weather, we can hope for showers throughout the following months to help our local farmers this seeding season.