Saskatchewan roads are going to be busy with the long weekend here.

No matter where they are headed, it's important for drivers to always be on the lookout for highway construction zones across the province.

A recent government release is sharing a reminder with the long weekend here, as numerous incidents involving Ministry of Highways staff and contractors through work zones have been recorded over the summer. This is the opposite affect the government is looking for; work zones are designed to keep the public, staff, and contractors safe.

"These collisions cause injuries and damage to equipment. The men and women who build our highways are our friends, family and neighbours and we want to make sure they get home safely at the end of the day," Minister of Highways Lori Carr said. "With just a few weeks left, please put down your phone, follow signage and flaggers, and slow down. Let’s make sure everyone gets to what they love."

Even when roadwork isn't going full steam, work zone hazards can be present when workers are not. Following the speed limit is a good way to avoid any potential incidents.

"There are many reasons work zones have temporary speed reductions left in place even when workers are not present. A sharp pavement drop-off, lane closure or loose gravel are examples of hazards that warrant a slower posted speed. A slower speed reduces the risk of damage, so slow down for your safety and to protect your vehicle." stated the release.

Anyone travelling this weekend can check the Highway Hotline at Information is also available by calling 5-1-1.

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The Government of Saskatchewan is improving 1,000 km of provincial highways this year.