The Bell Acres Golf & Country Club is currently holding an online Facebook auction with close to 100 items up for grabs. Treasurer for the Bell Acres Golf & Country Club Ryley Magnus said the auction started on January 10 and will run until mid-February. 

“It started on January 10 and it’s running until Saturday, February 12 and then closes at 11:59 PM. So, one minute before midnight, rolling over into Sundays. So, it's a full five-week auction,” Magnus said. 

As for items up for bid, Magnus said there were items people of all ages. 

“We've got something for everybody. Right now, we've got 90 lots posted online. We have, I think four lots here still sitting in our queue that are going to get posted throughout the remainder of the week. We're kind of teasing them along here as we get some exciting more items brought in, so we're just kind of keeping the auction interesting,” Magnus added. 

Some of the items up for grab include jewelry, luggage, antique collectible paper money, a combine and sprayer demo, leaf blowers, a fishing trip, and some board games all from great individuals and great businesses, according to Magnus. 

There is expected to be close to 100 items to be bid on when the auction is all said and done. Magnus explained what the money from the auction will be going towards. 

“The money is going towards the improvements at the Bell Acres Golf Club. The main improvements that are on our radar to get done this year are, we're going to put an expansion on our existing clubhouse, we're going to do a bathroom expansion. We'll put a bathroom on to our clubhouse with that, so that's going to be really exciting. Because right now we're just using Porta Johns, so this will be a nice touch to the clubhouse, which we did some renovations to there last year on expansions, but this will be an addition onto the building. That's one part about it, the other part is purchasing an aerator. This last spring here was our second year of doing aeration on the course. It's made quite a bit of difference in terms of keeping the fairways green, so we're looking to buy our own aerator there. We're also doing hydroseeding around the new synthetic greens so, we're going to spray around the new synthetic greens that we got in, so it's going to seed really nice thick lush grass to tie it all in.  We've got improvements coming to our watering system, so that's going to be able to better utilize the water that we have in our dugout and get more water when the grass needs it and where it needs it,” Magnus explained. 

West Central Online will keep an eye on this Facebook auction, and will have totals when the auction is over after February 12.