Berk Jodoin is currently in the Leader area, but grew up in Pierceland, SK. He helps coach his daughter's hockey team. He is a very calm, happy, peaceful man who tells stories through songs that will blow your hair back. The more we talked, the more I realized that I might be in the presence of a future star. He has the star quality that some people call the X-factor.

His first album (self titled) came out at the end of 2020. You'll want to hear the song "The Sailor" as an example of the emotion he puts into his craft.

His second album (Half Breed) was released at the end of May 2022. The first song is called "The Devil" and it absolutely invites you in to his world. Right after hearing it, I decided I needed to hear the entire album. These songs really are art at its best: uncut and real. Berk has lived enough life, worked in enough places, and experienced enough to write about the tough stuff and not be jaded. He is the most compelling songwriter that I've ever met to date.

He just won the SaskMusic Indigenous Artist of the year. He is Metis, half European decent and half Cree. He might mention it in conversation, if you bring up the recent award nomination. He is proud of his heritage, but it's funny that it only really came up an a 'sort of' explanation, when we talked 'off the record' during the local artist spotlight on Classic Hits Radio. He also talked about his Grandma's potato art on the cover of 'Half Breed'.

There's simply not enough time to spend with a guy like Berk who can tell a story about each song on the album. Each story was born out of a different conversation. Nothing forced or contrite, just a natural story teller who is proud of his music. He can weave a tale that opens the door for more stories. Overall, he is generous, kind, and humble. It was a pleasure to have him come in for an interview and record the song Fly Away. 

His website shows all of his upcoming events, recent news, merchandise and contact information. His second album has earned him a nomination for Indigenous Songwriter of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

His music will move you, inspire you, and make you think. Cowboys and Indians

Tune in for the interview and a world premiere of his song Fly Away 10am - 11am.


Interview with Devin Brown 10am Jan 20, 2023