The Town of Kindersley made a special proclamation during their April 22 council meeting. Back for another year, every Tuesday in Kindersley is now once again a "Better Together" Tuesday in the community.

"The whole idea of Better Together, is to try and connect people within the community." said local group leader Marge Bailey. As the group likes to say, a connected community is a healthy community. "Therefore, when we have someone like the mayor who will make the proclamation for Better Together Tuesday, it's exciting for us. Because we know the town is very supportive, and have been since we first presented the concept."

With Better Together Tuesdays back in the public eye, it's up to Bailey and her team to spread the good word of being better together. They are more than grateful for the opportunity, and showed their thanks by giving out a few Better Together shirts at the town office.

"We presented them all with some shirts. I see some of them in their t-shirts on occasion on Tuesdays." said Bailey, as spreading the shirts is a big part of conveying their message to the community, and beyond. "Just to try and make a connection between people meeting on the street."

The simple concept might seem foreign to many nowadays. Bailey always wants to say hi.

"Old-town Saskatchewan girl, go to town, even if you didn't know anybody you always said hi. There was always someone to communicate with," said Bailey. "I know we are in a different culture, era, and that's why we thought with the t-shirts there would be at least some kind of connection there. That isn't so intimidating for people."

Quick chats downtown are just the beginning. Planning is underway for Better Together Kindersley's now annual day of activities on July 1st, and the recent proclamation was a great way to get people excited ahead of the summer event.

"That's why it was important for the mayor and council to do that." said Bailey. "The whole purpose of Better Together involvement on July 1 was to provide more activities for people, to draw people to this community. Number two was because, connected communities start within families. If we can get families out together, hanging out, it's something for the people who can't get away on July 1. It's something for hopefully every age throughout the day, that there will be some sort of activity."

More on the Canada Day planning can be expected closer to July. For now, Bailey left us with their "Better Together Tuesday" tip of the week.

"Look for opportunities at home, work, or at school to give that compassionate hug to somebody today. Sometimes in life, you just need a hug. No words, no advice, just a hug to make you feel better."