The Biggar RCMP's latest report is in. Headlining the calls to service were construction zone-speeders, as extra help had to be called in to help curb the ongoing problem along Highway #14. 

Biggar RCMP detachment commander SGT. Dereck Crozier shared the following.

"Over the week, construction crews have been busy re-surfacing parts of Hwy 14 and this has prompted a number of calls about some impatient motorists speeding and passing within the construction zone." he shared, adding that pilot vehicles are now working the highway to help maintain order and safety.

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One speeding ticket on the highway this week resulted in a $538 fine for operating at more then 35 km over the posted limit. Another highway call for the detachment included a semi getting it's trailer tires stuck in the ditch, and a subsequent crowd growing on Highway 51. 

Sgt. Crozier also confirmed in the report that the Traffic Services Unit has been enforcing the new SGI noise law in the area. In some cases, drivers are being asked to submit their Noise Emission Test Certificates for their after-market modifications on their vehicles.

Theft activity during the week was headlined by a rural property owner catching a male and female breaking into their outbuilding around 5:00 AM, as the individuals fled the scene in a grey four door sedan. At a local gas station there was a reported theft of fuel, but members were able to track down the vehicle not to far away and rectify the situation. Another happy ending came as a pair of ear-buds were reported as stolen, and eventually returned after the subject of complaint learned of the devices tracking capabilities.

Police dealt with two different disputes during the week. In one case a landlord and their tenant were engaged in a loud verbal disagreement as police attempted to mediate. The other call involved a cat and and its disputed ownership. Members did their best to mediate as the cat could not assist with the situation. 

The June 3 report saw 36 total occurrences handled by the Biggar RCMP.