Scammers have more than a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to separating people from their money. Involving cryptocurrency, the Biggar RCMP received quite the hefty report of fraud in their May 27 report.

"$17,500 fraud reported from scammers," was the headline act shared by detachment commander SGT. Dereck Crozier. "Using the computer lock out trick, and the need to buy Bitcoin to correct the problem."

Whether it's through the computer, over the phone, or just a standard "phishing" attempt, there are some key tips to always remember when a transaction feels suspicious. It's always important to be vigilant with any questionable messages, and you should never reply if you are suspicious. Don't click on any potentially dangerous links as well.

Speeding was an issue on local highways. In one case on Highway #14, police received reports of a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed, estimates coming in at about 180 km/h. Dangerous speeds continued, as three more fines for driving 35 km/h above the speed limit came in at $562, $570, and $514 each.

Two more vehicle calls saw police responding after an accident, one coming after a van collided with a deer on Highway #4. In the other case out of the far north of the RM of Glenside, alcohol may have been a factor as emergency crews overwatched a hummer being towed out of the riverbank.

Other reports unfortunately continued a trend around the Biggar area, as complaints were made about dog owners in Kinley and Springwater. Police also received a report of a slip tank and pump stolen from a yard near Arlee. 

Biggar RCMP dealt with 28 total occurrences during the week. They handed out eight tickets in the process, and gave three warnings.