What do local hockey players get when power skating and skills, is combined with one-on-one mental health counselling?

BNK Hockey, featuring Tyson Wuttunee and his team out of west-central Saskatchewan.

The longtime hockey player Wuttunee, who just retired from the sport as a player, is just as eager to train the next generation.

"After my retirement there I always wanted to start something about giving back to the youth. Giving parents some opportunity to get their kids into skills and skating." he shared, "I did start that this winter, and it took off and got pretty busy. It's been awesome, and I have got a few regulars that I ended up coaching and doing skills with, and they ended up getting some championships and going a long ways in their provincial and playoff runs so I was pretty excited with that."

Wuttunee says BNK Hockey is available anytime, and is looking to grow into the future. The crew is available anytime for skills and drills, but the mental health aspect is something key to their plans that could aid their program even further. 

"For mental health I do have a guy that I talk to, and that is ready to help. I do have my own certificate on it as well."

Whether it's one-on-one or a group session, BNK Hockey has you covered.

"The people that are doing it are present and past hockey players that have been in a cycle that they have broken."

The mental side of the game is bigger than ever these days.

"There are a lot of kids out there that need it. I know with people that I have in my circle, we helped some kids in the AAA ranks," he said about the rewarding experience, "It's been really good and we have helped some kids already."

Wuttunee played for years, and feels his experiences can help not only on the ice, but off of it as well. Check out the BNK Hockey poster below for more information.

BNK HockeyPoster via Tyson Wuttunee