After a long period of no precipitation in West Central, some snow is expected in the region beginning this morning.  

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Janelle Gergely, said there could be some adverse driving conditions as the day rolls on. 

“We're going to see snowfall move in, but it's looking like it's probably 2 to 5 centimeters with up to 10 possible, depending on how the system moves. But I would say in general two to five for your area, but with that snowfall we are going to have some northerly winds. Looks like gusts upwards of 50 kilometers an hour. So, with the falling snow, it's going to lead to some reduced visibility on the roads and as well as some drifting snow. So, it could be some adverse travel and then before the snow flow comes in, there's going to be a very slight risk of freezing rain. So, just in those morning hours before the transition to snow happens, there's that risk.” 

With the chance of poor driving conditions, Gergely reminded motorists to always have an emergency preparedness kit in their vehicles. 

“When you're making travel plans, always tell somebody else where you're going and make sure your cell phone is charged. Then in your vehicle, it's always great to have a toque and mitts as well as a candle and a lighter.” 

Gergely said the weather will be a bit different in areas north and south of Kindersley. 

“Kindersley does seem to be on the southern edge of the snowfall. A lot of the heavier snowfall looks like it could fall to the north so, we may not get too much. Then south of Kindersley, I would say like leader and south, there's actually quite strong wind, even stronger than that 50 km/hr gusts.” 

She did add, the system won’t be around for long. 

“It's going to be very brief. As you can see in the forecast, we're seeing temperatures above 0 as early as Friday already, so that drop isn't going to last for long because we do have a warm regime happening.” 

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