A pair of reports from the Biggar RCMP are bringing a welcome addition to our weekly local RCMP reports.

Sgt. Dereck Crozier shared with us the Biggar RCMP's latest reports from May 15 and May 22 respectively.

The May 15 report shared that 44 occurrences in all were dealt with, and officers handed out two tickets along with 21 other warnings to motorists.

There were numerous reports of note during the week of a 23-year-old female failing to abide by court conditions, as the report went on to share the female had been thieving and over-staying her welcome at numerous residences. Police shared information from another case where a 35-year-old female decided to 'joyride' her current partners vehicle to go visit another. The vehicle was eventually returned.

One call shared in detail that speeding vehicles in the RM of Perdue were creating too much dust, and members did locate at least one vehicle in question only to determine that alcohol was not a factor. There was also a report of credit card fraud that thankfully failed to gain momentum, an animal on the loose that was dealt with in no time, and reports of noise complaints in the Town of Perdue. 

The May 22 list included another complaint concerning an animal. Another dog complaint led to a Rottweiler being at large for being off leash and scaring others out enjoying their day in town. That was one of 65 calls during the week, and because it was a long weekend, traffic education and monitoring played a large part in police activity.

Sgt. Crozier shared this message on side-by-side safety.

"There have been a number of complaints for off-road vehicle use and as much as we don’t want to hinder the summer fun for our youth riders. It becomes a delicate balance between the peaceful existence between home-owner and noise pollution. We would like to remind parents to have the conversation with the youth about being easy on the throttle and no stunting or “hot-dogging” until they are out to an area away from residences. Under the ATV Act, you must be 16 yrs of age and have a valid license to ride off-road vehicles in public, head and eye protection must be worn, you need to have insurance and carry your insurance papers with you and not operate within 2 metres of all roads and alleys. Don’t forget the trespassing Act still applies as well. Safe, respectful riding everyone!"

Another call from the most recent report shared the detachments version of events in the case of three individuals who were later arrested.

Eight different calls for suspicious activity came in as individuals witnessed a firearm being discharged in the RM of Glenside, and as mentioned Battleford has arrested three in connection to that activity which you can read all about above. Also taking place around the RM of Glenside, a sign with hate speech was erected, however the owner did remove it himself after he realized it was offensive to everyone and not just trespassers.

Another topic of discussion shared that excessive speeds of trucks hauling grain and fertilizer were noted on Weekly Range Road 3120, leading to a reminder that the speed limit for that road is posted at 60 km/h for heavy vehicles.

Two more calls shared news of a co-parenting dispute concerning child support, and then an argument between two road users at the pumps led to colourful words and projectile spit. Members assisted with a co-parenting dispute and dealt with another that was upset losing income tax to pay down child support. An argument broke out between two road users at the gas pumps, leading to a colorful exchange of words and ended with one spitting on the others car and these are adults.

Other calls that stuck out during the past two weeks included stumbling upon a pair of intoxicated individuals, a panic alarm out of Biggar, an unhappy person that was dropped off by their ride on Highway 14, and a complaint of phone fraud in the “you owe money scam”. One specific call relating to thefts resulted in a 23-year-old female returning stolen items and also a hostage grocery buggy.