Earlier this week was a milestone anniversary of one of the most famous hunts of all time, and not just in west-central Saskatchewan.

Anyone just driving through the community can tell the Hanson Buck still has a historic presence in Biggar. Not only does it have a special replica exhibit inside the Biggar Museum & Gallery, but another dedication in town sticks out as well.

history_hanson.jpg Photo via tourismsaskatchewan.com

The legendary buck was officially shot on November 23,1993. The monster was spotted multiple times by locals in the early 90's, and the hype was real, as hunting aficionados will likely drool at the typical whitetail deer record of 213-5/8 that still stands as today's world record.

To learn more about the Hanson Buck after it's thirtieth anniversary, we talked to Delta-Fay Cruickshank, the Public Relations Co-ordinator for the Biggar Museum & Gallery.

"The deer had been sighted a couple of times, and that particular day he planned and went out hunting with neighbours."

As it turns out, Hanson didn't even know what kind of feat he had stumbled upon.

"He had no idea it was a world record holder until an official score from the Boone and Crockett Club down in the states." said Cruickshank as it was later verified and etched into history.

The current exhibit in Biggar came about after Hanson donated a replica of the head around the ten-year anniversary in 2003. Cruickshank has a hunter from Landis to thank for bringing the thirty-year to attention.

"Came in to take a picture of it, and then he told me, 'you know it's 30 years today'," said Cruickshank who immediately moved from Christmas planning, to sharing the important commemoration upon hearing the news.

Anybody can view the explanation for the deer's historic score at the exhibit, or through a take home copy sold for $10 inside the museum shop. 

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