It is going to a be a cool evening for trick-or-treaters in the West Central region.  

Environment and Climate Change meteorologist Terri Lang explains.  

“I think it's going to be a bit of a colder Halloween this year. We always hope we kind of get a warm blip, but this year it will be a little bit on the cold side. I think the temperature will be below freezing by the time that the kids head out and with a little bit of a wind, there is probably going to be a bit of a wind chill.” 

Lang also said to bundle up and wear appropriate clothing for the chilly temperatures.  

“The kids are going to either need to put their costume over top of their jackets or put the jacket over top of the costume. And make sure you have some mittens or gloves on, because I think it's going to be that cold if you don't have your hands covered up, they're going to get really cold, really fast.” 

Another suggestion is to chaperone kids from street to street in a vehicle. Allowing them to jump out, and do a lap around the street, before hopping back inside to warm up will give them a chance to stave off the cold between trick-or-treat runs.   

The forecast is predicting a chill in the air, as the temperature is set to fall to -9 C, with a wind chill of -14 C. 

Find your full five-day weather forecast here.

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