After not icing a team since the split squad years with Luseland in 2016-17, the Dodsland Stars are set to return to the SWHL in 2023-24.  

The team was a powerhouse in the SVHL in the early 2000s, winning four consecutive SVHL championships from 2000 to 2004. 

After the announcement of their return on Monday, we talked to Ryan Neumeier with the Stars about the big news. 

He talks about how long the plans were in place to ice the team next season.  

“Since December. We were at a fundraiser at the curling rank and a group of younger guys in the community kind of cornered me and asked if I'd get involved and get this team fired back up. So, here we are.” 

He also talked about the excitement the team will bring to the community.  

“We're excited, mostly for our community aspect, it gives us something to do in the wintertime.” 

He sees the upcoming season as a building block moving forward. 

“The first year is going to be a building year. Just getting some of these guys some experience in senior hockey. We will start looking for some imports now and who knows where we can take this team in a few years, sort of thing.” 

Neumeier also gave special shutouts to the community. 

“I would like to give a shout out to the community and everyone that's gotten involved thus far, and if anyone else wants to get involved with getting this team back going, feel free to reach out to me and a shout out to all these young players that want to bring the team back to town.” 

The last time the team had a stand-alone senior hockey team was back in the 2007-08 SVHL season, a year they won the title once again.