The landscape in Kindersley is starting to see some characterization after the sale of 6 lots. Construction of residential housing has begun on the grounds where the now demolished McKenzie School used to stand.  

After a lottery draw, the lots were spoken for with a couple of stipulations says Kindersley Mayor Rod Perkins. 

 “We put it in the paper and advertised it on social media and it was a first come first serve basis. We put a price tag on them with the conditions they must be built on within two years.” 

To date, two basements have been dug with a third one being dug shortly. It’s undetermined at this time whether the others will begin the process this year or next. 

The start of the project was a hassle, but eventually a solution was determined explains Perkins. 

“We had to go through a huge process. That building sat empty for 15 years or more and we ended up taking it back on tax enforcement and there’s a bunch of rules you have to go through in order to finally take possession of it and be able to sell it. We couldn’t get any suitable offers or development offers, so we finally ended up doing it ourselves.” 

Based on the location of the lots there was little worry when it came to finding buyers.