Road work is well underway in parts of west-central Saskatchewan. Looking at Highway #7, there is roadwork currently active inside Kindersley on the main artery, joining two projects to the east, and one to the west. 

Work beginning inside Kindersley on Wednesday saw the start of lane widening on Highway #7. WestCentralOnline learned more about that project from the Ministry back in April. Find a link to that story, and a photo gallery of the current work in Kindersley below.

The first project headed east near Rosetown is taking place westbound near Airport Road. The westbound lane is closed with construction taking place. Drivers will need to use caution while they pass, as reduced speed markers and other equipment are in place along with the workers.

Further east at Delisle, special directions exist for both directions from Highway #7 and Highway #15. A 60 km/h speed restriction is in place with survey work taking place this week, causing for extra caution while driving around the individuals at work.

The final project as you can see above is taking place west of town near the weigh scales. The work description states they are "notching and widening" the road, as well as performing a culvert installation. Drivers should be prepared to stop, with reduced speed being needed for the restricted lane width and sharp drop off noticed with the pavement.

Culvert Construction.JPG Drivers headed west of Kindersley should be prepared to slow down 

Keep up with road construction this spring and summer through the Highway Hotline. Find timelines of the current work, and a look at any new projects popping up around the area.