The Delisle Chiefs Junior B Hockey Club has had an up and down season. After a slow start the team is now up to 10 wins on the year, and some of the players were able to take a bit of a break last weekend as the Prairie Junior Hockey League's All-Star Game festivities came to town.

After the game was cancelled last year for the host Chiefs, they were so happy to see the day finally follow through, even if it was a year late:

Fiske native Noah Martens was the local star. Other teams were just as excited to make a trip to the West Central barn to celebrate the leagues top players: 

Check out some more professional snapshots from the all star game at the bottom of the page, as head coach of the Chiefs Eric Ditto talked about his deserving players.

"We had three guys make it, which they are all deserving. I was hoping we would have a few more, but I do understand we are currently sitting in last place," said Ditto as he complimented his players, "Taking nothing away from those three, they are for sure worthy candidates, two of our tops scorers and (Martens) who is in my opinion the top goalie in the league. Maybe that's a bias opinion, I'm sure other teams think highly of their goalies too, but right now he has won us some games where we maybe didn't have any business winning. He gives us a chance to win every single night." 

Despite not having the best looking numbers, the local goalie has been just what the team needed as they worked to get back in the win column. The team will have to finish the season strong if they want to sniff the playoffs, something the Chiefs are capable of as they have some of the longest win streaks in the PJHL this season.

"I keep telling people we went from a team that was at one point 3-9, now we are 10-13. In that stretch where we started to get some of those wins, there's been two separate occasions in the expanded standings where we had the longest win streaks in the league."

Ditto mentioned a couple of changes to the blueline have really helped the team improve their compete level from the start of the season. Rebounding to a position where they can make a run to the playoffs has Ditto excited for the rest of the season. 

"Going into this unofficial second half here, we just have to keep it going, and I really think we can. Hopefully we do our part, and hopefully we get a little help in the next month of two here. I personally think we are going to climb the standings, how far up we can get who knows, but the wins are starting to come and we are a team I know is going to be tough to beat."

Ditto hopes that an end of the season run can help make the Chiefs into a team that no-one wants to meet in the playoffs.

The Chiefs are back on the ice Saturday and Sunday, on the road in Regina and Pilot Butte  respectively.

Check out some of the great shots from last weekend's All Star Game in Delisle below: