With files from Devin Brown

The Delisle Sports Celebrity Dinner returned to the West Central community last week. Bryan Trottier and company were some of the guest stars.

The night out with hockey legends was a memorable one for anyone who made the trip. Lots of local tickets were sold, but after the event was advertised province wide for quite some time, organizer Dan Mantyka wanted to think of it as more than just a local event. Regardless of it's target demographic, the special dinner in Delisle was a huge success according to Mantyka as he said, "It's more of a provincial event than a community one, because there were a ton of people from all over the province coming."

Even though the big lights were focused on Islanders legends, the community factor still played a big part as local accomplished curler Sherry Anderson was honoured for her career in the sport, along with another former NHL player from Delisle.

West Central Online contacted Anderson for her take on the night, and she talked about the recognition for her and the other notable name.

"They recognized my curling career so far, as well as Jack Norris and his hockey career out of Delisle," explained Anderson, "That was a nice touch, to be recognized in your community. It's always kind of weird because I don't look for recognition or anything, but it's nice when your community does it that's for sure."

As for her take on the event itself as a Delisle native, she had this to say about Trottier and the gang.

"Trottier has some family that used to live in and around the community, his aunt is actually good friends with my mother-in-law," said Anderson about the ever evolving small-world-Saskatchewan, "Pretty small town community oriented event, which was nice. Hearing the old stories from the hockey players. Bryan was a really great speaker, and it was a fun evening."

Trottier is known by some for his public speaking engagements, as some Kindersley Composite School graduates in particular may remember the Stanley Cup champion speaking to them some time ago.

ChiefsAnother look at some of the Delisle Chiefs meeting NHL legends ( Left: Billy Smith. Center: Bryan Trottier. Right: Chico Resch)

West Central Online will be checking in with one of the main organizer's in Mantyka later this week, as dollar totals roll in from the well-received event out of West Central.