A news submission over the weekend detailed some serious mischief happening out in Perdue, and the Biggar RCMP report for January 22, 2024 confirmed things. 

Back on Saturday a news tip was received that major damage had been done to a string of locations in the west-central community of Perdue. It detailed burglary, and vandalism in the local village, and the subsequent report from Biggar RCMP unveiled that there was in fact a series of break, enter, and thefts to a number of businesses in Perdue over the early morning hours on Jan 17.

The police reported states that thieves targeted "places with no alarms and easy outside door access", and the citizens report specifically shared that the local skating rink, curling rink, SGI building, and fire hall were among the buildings hit. Damage done included spray painted fire trucks, steel doors, and damage to electric rooms, as well as the theft of $100 in candy from the rink canteen. 

The tip from the public also shared that two men were blamed, but police investigation did reveal it as the work of one male. Most of the individuals time was spent in the fire hall, "painting racial profanity and using native gang tags in his act of senseless vandalism" according to the report.

No other information was made available from police.