Thirteen thousand dollars is something to cheer about. It's a lot of money raised in a short amount of time. It's more than your average cheque, and if you convert it to loonies, it still won't fit in your pocket. It may not even fit into your minivan, but it fits easily within the $5.5 million raised earlier today. It's a drop in the bucket.

The SLT (Student Leadership Team) at Elrose Comp took charge of a fundraising promotion that has happened in the past: Jail n Bail. They seem to bring in varying levels of success, but the influence of this group has money coming in like crazy and it has their teacher rep scrambling. Jeff Kingwell said he had to pull out some art supplies to get the oversized cheque ready.

The Amount : $13,435. The girls were admittedly a little nervous when the cameras are rolling, but they didn't show it one bit. They said that there was a lot of hussle and bustle back stage in order to make it all happen.